Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"New Life"

We are firmly in the grip of Spring here in southern Virginia. I've seen upwards of a half-century of them and they amaze me every time they come around. Every year I'm amazed anew with the almost endless shades of the color green. The Crayola people don't have anywhere near half enough variations of the color green if you were to want to color the landscape right now.
The hill behind our house

Campbell County isn't especially known for it's beauty, there is always beauty to be found it you have an eye for it. And in the spring it's on every hand. Here are a few photos I took within just a few minutes of each other.
Buttercups, they're everywhere

Buttercup closeup; there's not a glossier yellow anywhere
Clementis; my kind of purple!
To all you flower buffs out there, how many of you can tell me what this one is?

I'm not sure if I'm a typical man in regard to my love of beauty in nature. Several years ago I decided to start putting an arrangement in front of the church every Sunday at Perrows Chapel. It took several months before anyone figured out who was doing it. People were thinking it was probably Verna Good as she is quite a flower lady.  I kept it up for the whole year. It got a little harder during the winter months, but there was always something of beauty available if you had your eyes open. And in the spring instead of trying to decide what to use, you had to decide what NOT to use as there were so  many possibilities.

And there is new life in the animal kingdom as well.The other evening I went over to the bluebird house hoping to get a picture of the little ones, but they had already fledged and left the nest. So I checked the house at Long Island Lumber and the ones there were still in the nest but they looked very nearly ready to leave as well. I wanted a pose with all the little mouths open wide but these chaps were too shy and hunkered down; they wouldn't move a muscle.

And last but not least, there is some new life in the Yoder family! Clifton Samuel was born to Myron and Heidi on April 16th. He gave us a few anxious moments as he refused to get in position to be born (he was laying sideways) and then about the middle of the night Sat.the 14th Heidi had these terrible pains. I was the ambulance driver who took them to the hospital. By the time we left home she was feeling better but Myron said let's not waste any time.

I didn't do anything too wild, but certainly didn't waste any time. I hit 75 a couple times on a few of the long straight stretches and ran the only two lights that were red the whole way to Lynchburg. The doctors checked things out and said everything was fine and sent us back home.

Then Sunday night we head back in again. They had earlier scheduled a c-section for April the 23rd because of the baby laying sideways, but low and behold between Sat. night and Sun. night the  little rascal had turned in the right position to be born after all! I told Mary that I declare he must have my blood; he has the knack for procrastinating 'till the very last minute and still getting the job done.

He was born around eleven Mon. morning. Six lbs. and I think 14 ounces. Don't remember his length but he does have some long fingers. Cute? Yeah, I have to admit he is handsome and cute both.
Clifton Samuel Yoder

 Now I normally am pretty reserved on my compliments on babies. To be honest, I've seen plenty that  I didn't think were cute at all. Shriveled, squashed and the like. I offended most of the local ladies once when I was giving a talk and was comparing babies and baby calves and mentioned in passing that most of the time the calves were cuter.  Nothing against them; (the babies) give them a few months time and they usually grow out of it. But hey, this guy is actually cute for real!

I just hope he doesn't take after me in that regard as well. I started out  halfway cute when I was young but instead of improving like most youngsters I  went downhill from there. Hopefully with the good nutrition and all that's available nowadays he will just get more handsome as the years go by.

Welcome to the world Clifton! We're delighted for the chance to get to know you! May the hand of God rest upon you even as a child.

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